Introductory Comments

  by Dave Mulkey , Germany, Aug 2012

These sample programs should cover most of the requirements for the
core syllabus for IB Computer Science (for the 2014 and beyond syllabus).
This is NOT a sufficient or complete Java tutorial - teachers should also find a
Java textbook that provides a complete and thorough coverage of the language -
for example :  David Eck's Java Notes .

Since the core syllabus also requires students to answer exam questions
in Pseudocode, you may also be interested in the following
Pseudocode Practice Tool.

These programs are written in standard Java, so they should run
in a variety of IDE / editor systems.  One popular IDE for the course
is called BlueJ, available free of charge at .
An even simpler (and free) Java IDE is available at .
If you decide to use Processing, use the modified version of these notes available at :