FIS Responsible IT Usage Rules

Sharing Responsibly

FIS has a large Intranet - that's the network inside the school, consisting of cables, servers and PCs.  We also have a very good Internet connection that runs through a proxy server that prevents many problems.

The students and faculty share the network connections and all the PCs.  Like any other shared space (lunchroom, hallways, etc), our network can become messy and unreliable if people are not careful and responsible.  If you break something, it is not available for someone else to use.

To help us all behave sensibly, the staff have written some guidelines.  You should familiarize yourself with these guidelines and behave sensibly and responsibly.

Lab 329 Guidelines (Mr Mulkey)

FIS Guidelines (IT Support Staff)

The FIS guidelines apply to all users and all IT equipment in the school, at all times.  There are several documents.

There is one important rule hidden in all this stuff, and many students are not aware of this rule.

"Students may under no circumstances bring a computer from outside school and connect it to the school's network, unless it has been thoroughly inspected and approved by the network manager (room 303)."

This means that personal laptops may ONLY use the wireless network - students are not permited to connect personal computers to network cables.