Good Habits

Use computers effectively - don't lose your work

0.   Bring a notebook and a pen 

1.   Sit at the same computer as last time, if possible 

2.   Log-in - if computer is already logged-in, log out first

3.   Insert USB stick (or diskette) if you need it

4.   Create a folder for your work before you start - put the folder on drive D:

5.   If you have work on the USB stick, copy it into your folder on D:

6.   Start an application - click the [Start] button and select a program

7.   Open your work (file) or create a new file
       - Type your NAME at the top of essays - it's the first thing to do

8.  The first time you save new work, use File-Save As
choose a Drive / Folder for saving the work - NEVER in My Docs
       - TYPE a GOOD file-name - never let the computer choose the file-name
       - write the Drive/Folder/Filename in your notebook (so you don't forget)

     After the first time,  SAVE OFTEN - every 10 minutes by pressing Ctrl-S

9.  Printing (more info below)
always save first before you start printing
       - then use File/Print PREVIEW to see the document first
          If it doesn't look right, use [File/Page Setup] to fix it, then look again
       - use [File/Print]  (DON'T press the  button)
       - check the printer location to make sure it will print to the correct room
       - NOW you can click [OK] to do your printing

start early, at least 2 minutes before the end of the period
       - EJECT your USB stick (use the green arrow)
       - shut down any running applications (close MS-Word, IE, etc.)
       - log off (or shut down) - it might take a minute to shut-down, be patient


0.   Always save first, before printing

1.   Use File/Print PREVIEW to check that it looks right
      If it doesn't look right, try changing the following:
           [File/Page Setup]

is for printing sideways
    Margins are the spaces around the sides
is the paper used in Germany (and Europe)
is American paper - wider and shorter than A4

2.  Use [File/Print] to start printing - never use the  button


    Check the Name of the printer - make sure you print to the correct room.
    Use Current Page to print the single page you have on the screen.
    DON'T print more than 1 copy - use a photocopier instead.
    Go pick up your printout - don't just leave it laying on the printer.

3.   If you need to use a different printer (e.g. 322-color),
       use [Start/Settings/Printers] to install it.

created with NVU, 18 July 2006, by Dave Mulkey