FIS Computer Accounts


Each student and teacher at FIS has a computer account. It gives you access to personal storage on our servers, where your work is protected – nobody else can open your files, and they are backed-up by our support team.

New Accounts

If you are new to the school, you can log-in to your account by typing your full name (firstname lastname), like this:

      User ID : Bill Gates

Leave the password blank. Then you will be asked to create a password. Be sure to choose something you can remember, because nobody else will be able to remind you. If your cannot log-in, you should contact the support staff in room 303.

Forgotten Passwords

If you forget your password, you need to contact the support staff in room 303. They cannot tell you your password, but they can erase it so you can start over (as above).

Logging In and Out

Each time you use a computer at FIS, you should log-in to your own account. Then you can store things in your own personal storage area and easily find them later.

DON'T FORGET to log-out when you are finished. Otherwise the next person that uses the computer might accidentally erase some of your work.

Use Your Account at Home

You can save essays on our server, in your account, and them access them at home (and vice-versa). Read how to do it here:

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