Computer Service
Help in the labs - earn CAS hours
We have lots of PC's, labs, servers, software, and computer users at FIS. All of these parts of our computer systems need periodic help and maintenance. Our IT staff works hard and does their best, but the rapid changes in the computer industry increase support demands rapidly from year to year.

You Can Help

If you are an enthusiastic or experienced computer user, you can help us to help all the other students and teachers in the school. We need help in all the following areas:

  • Help teachers to:
    - use word-processors effectively
    - do Internet research
    - make their own web-sites

  • Install new software in the labs

  • Supervise a computer lab and help students with printing and other tasks

  • Periodic maintenance in the labs and teachers' PC's:
    - scanning for viruses
    - cleaning up messy hard-disks
    - recharging digital cameras

  • Improving our computer systems
    - finding new (better) software
    - adding new types of hardware

What's in it for you?

You can earn CAS hours for your efforts. You will learn a lot more about computer and IT systems. You might get a good letter of reference for you college application. Most importantly, it will probably be fun and you'll feel good about yourself.

Getting started

Come along to lab 329 or 281 during break, lunch, or after school, and talk to
Mr Mulkey or Ms Bennett.

created with NVU, 18 July 2006, by Dave Mulkey