Suggested IB Comp Sci Dossier Topics for FIS
by Dave Mulkey, 2006

Here are some suggested topics for my students. Many of them are for me, so I would be the intended real user.

Applications (DB = database oriented)

Data Mining

This is a general concept, referring to finding data sources on the web and "refining" these to produce more specific, useful information. For example, the CIA factbook has lots and lots of data about countries, but it is probably too much data for most purposes. A program could present smaller, more useful subsets of the data. It could also offer the ability to do clever searching and sorting. Some possible data-mining areas are:

There are many other possibilities. In some cases you will find data embedded in HTML files or structured text files. Then in addition to putting a nicer, more usable interface on to of the data, you also need to extract the data by parsing the file. Here are a few examples:

If you choose a data-mining type of project, keep in mind that you must still have a real user - so you cannot just make up something that you find interesting. And you must still show mastery of file operations. Simply inputting data from a pre-existing file does not show mastery of files. You would need to do something else, like reading the original files, extracting part of the data, and recording subsets in other files.

Educational (for students)

Games (probably SL)


Wizard Managed Projects

Some computer users need to do tasks using several pieces of software and various other resources. They might only do the task one time (or once a year), so they might not know what they need to do. They want a "wizard" to guide them through the process. Applying to colleges is a good example:

There are lots of other tasks in school - e.g. the grade 10 project, extended essay - where lots of students undertake a somewhat lengthy and complex task and only do the task one time, so they need guidance and resources and the teachers may want to track their progress.

Math Stuff

More Ideas