IB Computer Science 2019 Project Resources

... these notes are for FIS students and others who will
... write a Java program for their Internal Assessment Project

The Internal Assessment Project forms a significant part of the overall IB grade -
 30% for SL students and 20% for HL students. 
It involves solving a real problem by using software development tools. 
The solution should be designed for a specific intended-user (CLIENT)
and produced using good, reliable development techniques. 
The IBO recommends spending at least 30 hours on the project,
but a more realistic expectation is probably 50 hours or more.

FIS students write Java programs, probably using NetBeans (or BlueJ),
with a GUI library to produce a nice user-interface.  Students should use
the following notes to help them complete their project successfully.

There are no particular skills that the student must use in the Project,
but the solution is expected to demonstrate "a high level of complexity and ingenuity",
which can be accomplished by implementing a significant amount of AUTOMATION
and using sophisticated programming techniques - using arrays, loops, methods, classes, etc. 
None of these techniques are required, but it is difficult to achieve a high grade without them.

== Overview ==

== Deadlines ==

    Mar 23, 2018  - Choose Project and Client (intended user)
                               Starting the Project - Suggested Topics

    Apr 20, 2018  - Big Tic Tac Toe Prototype     Starting Simple   
                               Create a Visual Prototype and use it
                                          to Interview your Client
                               Take notes during the interview
                               Submit Visual Prototype and Interview Notes in Haiku

    May 30, 2018 - Functional Prototype
                               Starting Simple
                               Software Design Principles

    Aug 31, 2018 - Stage A : Planning / Analysis
                             Collect User Stories, Write Goals

    Oct 18, 2018 - Stage B : Detailed Modular Design
                            Iterative Techniques and Decomposition 
                            Design Outline    DesignOverviewBlank.doc 

    Nov 21, 2018  -  Working Program (Preliminary Version)
                            Guidance Notes (from old syllabus - ignore details)

    Jan 25,  2019 -  Stage C : Development
                              including FINISHED program

                            Look at examples

                            Example 8  Computer Science for Kids in Java

                            Example 6  Stock Control System

**  Feb 15, 2019 - Finished IA Final Deadline (sections A-E) **
                            Assessment Criteria (IBO)      Checklist (IBO)

    Mar 6 - Mar 15, 2018 : Personal Interviews with teacher, 20 min each
== Various Notes =========================
-- IBO Examples --

    More samples, especially Java programs, are available at:
     Teacher Support Material Overview 

-- Mulkey's Notes and Suggestions --

    Starting the Project - Suggested Topics (ignore dates)

Starting Simple    Big Tic Tac Toe Prototype

    Software Design Principles     Iterative Techniques and Decomposition

    Guidance Notes (from old syllabus - ignore details)

    Design Outline    DesignOverviewBlank.doc

      .... further notes may be added later ....

-- IBO Guidelines -- 
    Teacher Support Material Overview 

    Step by Step (IBO)       Frequently Asked Question (IBO)

    Assessment Criteria (IBO)      Checklist (IBO)

    FORMS.ZIP = required folder structure for submitting the project