IB Computer Science Overview (SL)

Notes and Worksheets

1 - System and SW Design

    Software Design and Structure

    Top-Down and OO Design

    OOP Overview

    Email mini-Project (BlueJ, OOP)

    Lockers mini-Project

    CIA Factbook mini-Project

    eVoting mini-Project 

   Minesweeper   ver1   ver2   ver3

   Adventure Game ver1   ver2   ver3 

   A Basic Browser

 2 - Java Programming   

    EasyApp for GUI (used in programs below)

   Algorithms                         Files

    IB Algorithms                       Data File Format Overview 

    Math Problems                    Text File Intro  

    Jeopardy (Strings)                Sorting a Text File

    Loops Practice                    CIA Factbook Files      

    Meals in Arrays                   RandomAccessFile Intro

    Statistics in Arrays              Lockers DB (Rand.Access)

    Sorting Algorithms               Zonker's File Fable

    School Check In/Out            Zonker Serial Files

    2D Arrays (Expenses)      

    Some standard algs           Simulations

  OOP                                     Packing Boxes               

    Class Data Structures          Roulette Simulation 

    OOP Cards                         Tic Tac Toe 2D Arrays

    OOP Dice Game                 Drawing Math Graphs          

    Blackjack Card Game          MathProblems 

3 - System Fundamentals

    Notes with Pictures

    Numbers in Computers

    Reading Week (Hardware Vocabulary)

    Networks                 Error Checking 

    Moving Data Around

    Binary Beginnings     Latency   

    Data Transfer             Transistors   

    Basics Review           Basics Test

    Binary and Hex           More Binary   

    Binary Calculations 

    Sorting Demo      Algorithm Efficiency

    Old ITGS Notes     














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