IB Computer Science Overview (SL)

This site presents a comprehensive (hopefully) set of resources for IB Computer Science (SL).  The author has made every attempt to ensure the usability and correctness of these materials.  However, it is not possible to guarantee that these materials will lead to success, nor that they cover all your needs.  Hopefully you will find some of it useful - use whatever you like and ignore the rest.
So far this site only covers the SL (core) course.  For further materials (including HL), try the web-sites below. 
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    IB Subject Guide 2010    IA Support 2010    IB CS Textbook    Teaching Plan
 Web-Sites from Various Teachers
Richard Jones (great!)   Mulkey    Toulouse    Butera   Sykes

Tools and Resources

    BCS Glossary


    Free and Easy Java Tools 


    PDF & PPT Collections

    Extra Topics


    Why Comp Sci (overview)

 # 2 - Java Programming Refs

  IB Algorithms (TSM)     JETS (app 2)
   Alg Animations      Practice Algs 

   BluePelican book    Baldwin Tutorials
  Eck's Java eNotes     Kjell's Tutorial 
  JBD - Java By Definition
  Java au Naturel Textbook
  Programming Principles Text
  Absolute Java, text by Savitch
  Java Illuminated, Anderson

  How To - Library Code
  Java2s - Lots of Sample Code
  Swartz's Java Ref    Java Help CHM  
  Processing    Processing Textbook

 # 1 - System Life Cycle

   Jerry Post's PPT Notes

   Investigating Systems


 # 3 - System Fundamentals

  System Fundamentals Overview   

  Lecture PDFs     Question Bank

 Sorting Animation  HowStuffWorks

 CompSci Illuminated (Dale, Lewis) 
 CompSci Illuminated Online 

Dossier (Internal Assessment)

    Dossier Guidance  Dossier Topics

    Starting Simple  Sample Prototype

    Ex SL Dossier    Ex HL Dossier 

    Dossier Work Book Guide

 Airports Case Study (2011 exams)
  Read Case Study   Discussion
     Practice Test       Another Test

SmartPhone Case Study (2012 exams) 

   Read Case Study   

 Review    ShortAlgorithms   Vocabulary    VocabQuiz    Life Cycle    Sorting    Data Storage    Binary    Networks   
                      Review Questions     Review Answers     Specimen Exams   

Please feel free to use these materials in Computer Science classes or for other educational purposes.  Commerical uses are not permitted.
This site is dedicated to my father, Orval Mulkey, who taught me the importance of commitment, dedication and perseverance.
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